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IMSS pensions

At the time of retirement, we face doubts, being informed is vital to make any decision about our future.

Knowing these issues in a general way frees us from wrong information and gives us peace of mind, which is why this important step in our lives must be taken with total prevention.

Addressed to: 

All those people close to or in the process of carrying out their procedures before the IMSS to obtain their Retirement, Personnel Managers or Human Resources who wish to inform the collaborators close to their pension and in general those people who wish to know the calculation mechanics and the chances of getting a pension.


  1. You will be able to obtain the calculation of your pension and its mechanics

  2. You will know the options to make the best decision about the future

  3. You will obtain the certainty of the amounts that the IMSS grants as a pension

  4. You will have the options and you will know the additional benefits of retiring now

  5. You will be able to interact in real time with the instructor and the participants

  6. You will be able to follow the class with the electronic material that we will provide you

  7. At the end you will take the class recorded in your email, to review as many times as you need

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