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¿Qué hacemos en el programa "Habilidades de Supervisión y Liderazgo"©?

We provide participants with the confidence, skills, and tools to perform supervisory roles through leadership, proper communication, and coaching with their work team. 

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🤔¿Qué pasará con tu equipo?🤔

They will take more personal responsibility for their own results and development and will be better at motivating and inspiring their team to improve results and profits. 

Team feeling and productivity will increase and morale will improve.

Training experience The Expansion of Human Capital:

  1. Strategic planning.

  2. Setting indicators. 

  3. FOCUS:  fulfilling your highest priorities. 

  4. Ethics and Values in the organization

  5. Proper management of emotions

  6. Assertiveness

  7. Effective communication. 

  8. Negotiation skills

  9. Powerful questions for leading teams. 

  10. Evaluation and feedback to team collaborators. 

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