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Having a solid and up-to-date legal area is essential to guarantee the stability and permanence of the organization.

Protect your company from:

  • Plagiarism.

  • Idea theft.

  • Fraud.

  • Bad handling.

  • Null or poorly executed contracts.

  • Etc.

Keep your organization updated with our wide range of courses and workshops

Our workshops are tailored to the needs of your company.

Courses and workshops:

  • Hiring, dismissals, settlement and liquidation of workers

  • Drafting of employment contracts

  • New working conditions from the labor reform

  • Registration of intellectual and industrial property rights

  • Anti-money laundering law

  • Course of the Federal Data Protection Law

  • Prevention and management of lawsuits-labor conflicts

  • Generation of internal work regulations

  • Negotiation of collective labor contracts

  • Course on inspections of labor standards, at the federal and local levels

  • Legal shield through contracts

  • Brands and patents

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