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Safe work 
in heights

Curso Presencial o en Línea

Face-to-face or online course

We can move to your facilities and offer you training with practices depending on the designated topic that you require.

  • coffee break

  • Projection and sound to exemplify

  • More than 600 topics registered by the STPS

It includes

  • Support material

  • Participant's Manual.

  • Certificate of participation

  • Proof of accreditation of labor competence DC-3  

  • Evaluations in the middle and at the end of the training.

  • Personalized attention adapted to your needs

  • Practices in the field (If required by the training or topic).

These characteristics, added to our years of experience, make us unique and make us your best option.

We are your Strategic Allies in the Identification and Development of Talent in your Organization.


Some topics:

  • Introduction

  • Devices for working at heights

  • Types of harnesses

  • Correct use of harness

  • test for staff

  • Specifications of a harness

  • Energy absorber and lifeline

  • Basic concepts in working at heights

  • Importance of anchor points

  • Personal systems for working at heights

  • Anchor Analysis

  • Risk analysis concepts

  • Analysis and criteria through images and video

  • Skipper-operator responsibilities

  • Risk analysis

  • PPE for work at heights

  • Review and maintenance of PPE

  • General security measures

  • Ladders

  • scaffolding

  • lifting platforms

  • Monitoring of health in workers

  • Emergency care plan

  • rescue practice

  • health effects

  • Y  much  plus...

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