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Habilidades Directivas y de Liderazgo con enfoque en  Competencias

Management and Leadership Skills with a Focus on  Competencies


Can you consider your team: leaders?

 Does your team have the core competencies to take on a management role?  Supervision and Leadership?

TRANSCIENDE© is a program for the development of basic leadership skills.  It is grouped into four major areas to develop 11 managerial skills.

With modality: online course


  • Expert consultants / instructors in each of the stages of the program.

  • Per diem for instructors and support staff.

  • Evidence of the course at the end of the program.

  • Job material. 

  • Recognition of the program with registration with the STPS. 

  • Fixed prices in national currency.

  • Give the necessary tools to empower participants as true agents of change, who achieve impact and transcend through their vision and inspire their teams to achieve goals and objectives.

  • Sensitize the participants regarding the processes of change within the organization, which allows them to become aware that they are part of a whole.

  • Improve the communication of the organization and the effectiveness of teams.

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