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Free conversation with a specialist

This is your opportunity to have a call or zoom-call, before hiring the service. As your trusted external STPS training agent, we have the best specialists who will help you clarify your doubts and better understand your needs.

Still in doubt as to whether this is the right consultancy for you?


Have you already investigated other services, received millions of quotes and still don't know who to hire? Then you do need our help.

You will receive a complete document via email, so you do not miss any details of everything that was discussed during the consultancy.

Our advisor will analyze your goals and help you make the right choice. The conversation can be by phone, Skype or in person and lasts an average of 30 minutes.​

​Everything you need to know to guarantee that the process goes well after contracting the service. Make the contract with the certainty that you made the right choice.​

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