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Accounting and Tax

¿Por qué es importante capacitarse en estos temas?

Laws and regulations change continuously, so it is necessary to advance at the same pace, otherwise it will be reflected in the performance of the organization.

Keep your organization updated with our wide range of courses and workshops

Our workshops are tailored to the needs of your company.

Courses and workshops:

  • Comprehensive tax analysis

  • Annual closing and working papers

  • Electronic accounting: new accounting for tax purposes and its electronic submission to the SAT

  • Annual statement of wages and salaries

  • Annual declaration for natural persons

  • Statement of work risk premium

  • Electronic invoicing - digital tax receipts

  • New reforms to the federal labor law

  • Tax Reform

  • ISR workshop on payroll

  • IMSS and INFONAVIT Workshop

  • Comprehensive payroll workshop

  • Finance for Non-Financial

  • Annual declaration of legal entities

  • Accounting for non-accountants

  • Updating of international financial reporting standards (NIF-IFRS)

  • Audit and internal control for fraud detection

  • Government accounting and accounting harmonization


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