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SNACK experience

Human beings spend much of our time fighting reality, mentally fighting traffic, unpleasant co-workers, intolerant bosses, indicators, family problems, children's tantrums, economic and legal situations, etc. The end result is that we use up our limited time and energy, wishing things were different, better, or less annoying.

SNACKS (sandwiches) are tasty, nutritious and do not require so much time, however, they give us energy that we could not have otherwise.

Sometimes, though, we're tempted to reach for food when what we really need is a moment of calm-awareness-focus-collaboration-teamwork so we can make a thoughtful plan about what to do next... What we need it's a SNACK

Our workshops and online courses are tailored to the needs of your company.

How to have a SNACK moment?

  • Stop: Simply stop what you are doing. Stopping by definition forces us to start over.

  • Notice: Make aware of what is happening in and around us. There is no right or wrong here; no need to judge or change anything, just take a look!

  • Accept: Most people think that acceptance means not being able to change unfortunate or unpleasant circumstances. It's actually just the opposite, it's a crucial step towards solving the problem.

  • Curious: The ability to take an interest in our experience and environment can help us deal with difficult situations and gain clarity about what is going on.

  • Kindness: The ability to respond to ourselves and others with kindness will not only make our lives more enjoyable, it will help us get back on "track" more quickly.

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