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Electronic billing

one.  At DECC we offer you a comprehensive service that will satisfy all your needs.


(10% lower price than any current supplier)


  • DECC guarantee, if you have a contract we will improve the price with the guarantee of being 10% lower.

  • Generate all kinds of receipts.

  • Register and capture all your catalogs.

  • Generate a preview, PDF and XML.

  • Compatible with the latest generation browsers.

two.  Electronic Accounting

3.   Payroll  


  • System 100% via Internet, does not require the installation of additional software. 

  • Management of customer catalog and contacts. 

  • Management of catalog of Products and Services. 

  • Management of certificates and folios. 

  • Generation of CFDI, in PDF and XML format. 

  • Cancellation of CFDI including acknowledgment of the SAT in PDF format.

  • Sending invoices and/or notices via email to customers. 

  • Customization of CFDI (Consignment letters, Fee receipts, Donees, Corporate invoices, Personalized invoices, etc.) 

  • Customization or branding of the system with your own logo. 

  • Web Service for remote connection from another system (ERP) (Exchange of information via XML based on a WSDL) 

  • System for a company or Multi-company.


Four.  MY-IBPOS Point of Sale System  - software for point of sale and electronic recharge


  • Complete accounting administration of your business.

  • Access to line of credit for sale of airtime.

  • Training, free updates for one year and lifetime license.

  • Multistore.

  • Multi platform.


5.  Electronic toll and toll system for highways, parking lots and residential areas


  • Multiple modalities.

  • Multiple functionalities.

  • Custom settings.

  • Automatic recharges.

  • Reduction of lost balances.


6.  Electronic clinical record with electronic billing (SERVICE PER MONTH UNLIMITED BILLING $1,200.00  + VAT Monthly)

7.  360° GPS Marketing Service


  • Social activity on the internet.

  • Identification of the effectiveness of the advertising carried out previously and exponentiation of the new advertising for a greater reach and impact.

  • Application of the latest technology for your benefit.

  • Customized packages according to your needs.

  • Compatibility with various mobile platforms.

  • The best publicity for your product/service).


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