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Certification in Management of Hydraulic Equipment 

Workplace deaths and injuries are still a continuing problem in industrialized nations.

 We provide training solutions, using national and international standards for a wide variety of equipment and personnel to qualify.
We qualify the skills and knowledge of the personnel who handle loads, such as cranes, fixed cranes, forklifts, shackles and hooks, which help to guarantee safer conditions for the workers who operate these lifting equipment, which favors the reduction of accidents. 
We know that a fundamental part of safe operations is based on the correct training of operators and assistants, therefore, we have designed courses based on the concepts of operational safety

Hydraulic Equipment Management Courses

  • Land Crane Operation

  • Articulated Boom Crane Operations (Hiabs)

  • Operation of Marine Cranes (On Pedestal or Boats)

  • Forklift Operation

  • Overhead Crane Operation

  • Riggers or Assistants



  • Training of operators at the national level.

  • Our courses have been registered with the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) and accredited as EXTERNAL TRAINING AGENT 

  • The courses are designed based on the regulatory requirements; ASME, API, and OSHA, as well as equipment manufacturer recommended operating practices

  • Certificate of Training

  • DC-3


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