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Human Resources

Human resources are a vital resource for any organization.

Every business, company or corporate is made up of people, who give it life and allow it to exist.

We offer courses, workshops and diplomas to teach those in charge of managing this sensitive resource.

Human Resources Courses:

  • Wage and salary tabulator

  • Selection of personnel through job skills

  • Design of team buildings and organizational integration

  • Profile design and job description by skills

  • In-depth job interview by skills

  • Training of training instructors

  • Labor Psychometry 1

  • Labor Psychometry 2

  • Lie detection techniques in the personnel selection process

  • 360° performance evaluation

  • Strategic management of Human Resources by competencies

  • Management of labor relations

  • assessment center

  • RH Measurement Indicators

  • Organizational change and development

  • Work environment measurement

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