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Civil protection

Para todas las empresas el contar con un personal capacitado para reaccionar ante cualquier emergencia representa una ventaja competitiva

Civil Protection Courses

  • Civil Protection Programs (Such as: Internal Civil Protection Programs, Specific Civil Protection Programs and Special Programs)

  • Civil Protection Consulting (We provide efficient solutions with a prior analysis of risks, vulnerability and potential such as: emergency plans, contingency plans, regulations, handling of hazardous materials, among others)

  • Civil Protection for Massive Events (Among the services we offer are: Vulnerability Study, Evacuation Routes, Location of Emergency Services, Coordination with Emergency Services).

  • Safety and Hygiene Consulting (We provide advice on monitoring compliance with regulations on safety and health at work, we offer: regulations, joint commissions on safety and hygiene, investigation of accidents and incidents, occupational health)

  • Scenario Design And Drills (We Offer The Services Of: Cabinet Drill, Coordination With Authorities, Feedback Of The Emergency Plan).

  • Civil Protection For Municipal Units (We Provide Courses On Basic Elements Of Civil Protection For Officials, Risk Maps, Specific Contingency Plans, Administration Of Temporary Shelters, Among Others)

  • Fire Networks (To take care of safety we offer you Courses on Design and Calculation of Fire Networks, Hydrants, Sprinklers, Alarm Systems)

  • Training (In everything that your company requires regarding security and civil protection, contact us to consult any training or course that you require, we guarantee you a personalized treatment)

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