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Experiential Workshop

We improve the leadership level of your organization, applying tools that ensure team productivity, maintaining an adequate work environment, through recognizing and developing the skills required in the staff.

They will have a better level of:

Professionalization of its function.

Motivation to develop the required skills.

Respect for themselves, bosses, peers and collaborators.

Improve work environment.

Development of collective intelligence.

Leadership skills.

Interpersonal relationships through communication.

Results through better decision making.


More than 26 centuries ago, Alcibiades, a disciple of Socrates, asked him for some advice to exercise his leadership, and the response of the great teacher of Western humanism was enigmatic and filled him with amazement:

Do you take care of yourself?

do you know yourself


  • Consultores /Instructores expertos en cada una de las etapas del programa. 

  • 16 horas de instrucción

  • Material de trabajo. 

  • Evidencias del curso al finalizar el programa.

  • Reconocimiento del programa con registro ante la STPS.

  • Horario y fecha: a selección del cliente. 

  • Modalidad: cursos online

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